Mi5VR is an architectural office placed between Virtual and Real, between London and Madrid.

Digital Era is redefining in a disrupted way our daily life experience. We are inhabiting virtual and physical scenarios simultaneously. We, Architects, have a commitment with this amplified personal space.

It´s crucial to find another way of being an architect at this time. These reflections took us to evolve Mi5 Architects into Mi5VR.

Architecture´s essence is a question of experiences. It´s not reduced to its physical limits. Its aim is the design of its effects on our senses.

Digital experiences are needed of more seductive landscapes, better 3D sites and in VR, considered a complete environment, this necessity is even more evident. They do need architects.

From the opposite side, phisical architecture is not being altered by the new sensitivities of the Post-internet Generation related to the new ways of perceiving and moving through a responsive virtual net.


Nowadays, being an architect should imply to design Virtual and Real spaces for a hybrid and challenging reality.

Our V projects offer: Virtual Reality designs ( buildings wich doesn´t follow the gravity rules, with no up or down, interactive, multiperspective...), virtual replicas of physical design (3d models where you can walk through it, look all around...) and virtual scenarios of existing spaces (interactive possibilities within spherical 360º videos).

Our R projects offer: An innovative practice of more than 15 years building ambitious and succesful spaces aimed to intensify people experience. They are powerful constructions with the potential to provide a strong identity to the community which use them.


Welcome to a new spatial reality!


PRINCIPALS. Manuel Collado (Right) and Nacho Martín (Left). Portrait by Ditto Projects

PRINCIPALS. Manuel Collado (Right) and Nacho Martín (Left). Portrait by Ditto Projects

Mi5 Architects is an office of architecture based in London and Madrid since 2000. Its founders Manuel Collado and Nacho Martin are Ph.D. Architects and Unit Masters at the Architectural Association in London. The firm has been awarded and exhibited internationally and published in the most prestigious media (Biennalle di Venezia, RIBA London, IVAM Valencia... / Dezeen, ArchDayly, ICON, Mark, Frame...) .

Mi5VR is its natural evolution since 2014. A pioneer practice aimed to reveal the role of Architecture in the digital age. In addition to traditional architectural tools, it works with VR platforms (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive...) and 360º captures to offer an immersive and interactive experience. It´s a multidisciplinary team where architects and video game developers share their knowledge in a surprising synergia.