Earth Skylab!

A New Kind of Village:

EarthSkyLab re-imagines how we live and work together. Combining the best of modern life with the peace & joy of living in a house you own, surrounded by nature, friends and a thriving, creative, community.

The outcome of this project will be a coherent pattern language for EarthSkyLab guiding all members when they design their homes to ensure we create a beautiful, harmonious village.


Strawberry table:

Collaboration with Manijeh Verghese & AA Intermediate Unit 11

Location: Bedford Sq., London

Every year, the Architectural Association Graduation Party hosts an event where strawberries and champagne are the main characters. This year we have got the honourable commission of designing the famous “Strawberry Table”.  Our first decission was to split the table in 4 different pieces spread in the park. And the most important one was to highlight the strawberries and its mighty properties when they´re combined with champagne in a warm summer afternoon. 

Trance Tribal Party

Collaboration with Manijeh Verghese, Stefan Jovanovic, Andreas Stylianou, Reem Nasir, Victoria Guggenheim, 33 Events and Intermediate Unit 11 students.

Photos by Paul Khera

Location: Bedford Sq., London

Immersive experiences

Scent Space:

A little space to intensify the experience of exploring a parfum. An intimate bubble in-between a seductive flower and a technological space helmet.

Small capsules to be implanted in stores, windows or special installations. A futuristic garden to empower the brand experience.

The device expands the experience of a conventional parfum testing through its spatial properties: geometry, color, sound and light.

Like wearing a parfum. The creation of a temporal and oniric identity guided by your senses.

A small space of silence and dayream amid the everyday bustle of the city.