E-commerce is needed of a more seductive user experince. The current one is sad, boring and completely flat. Companies have to communicate to new generations of clients with a more powerful platform. Nowadays, it´s not a question of selling products, it´s a question of selling experiences.

The international company, NIELSEN, focused on Market Research and digital consultancy, commisioned us a Virtual Store for Carrefour. The result is a teleportation to some of the corners of the existing store (working with spherical photographs). The immersive experience is amplified with interactive 3D information of the products. The 3D objects come up providing information about packaging, nutricional data, multimedia advertising, content of the boxes... Virtual Store can provide a taylor-made store for each customer depending of the his/her preferences.

Virtual Store is cooler, attention catcher and provides a more emphatic relationship among customers, products and commercial spaces.

The duplicated image represents the stereoscopic view. While wearing the headset you'd only experience one immersive environment.