Collaboration with PKMN

Location: Plaza Domingo Gascón, Teruel

Final Construction: 2014

Built Area: 5000 m2

Photos: Miguel de Guzmán

Teruel’s underground, as thematic parks as Dinópolis want to spread, is full of discoveries that remind us the lost existence of a powerful life in the origins of the province. It’s surprising that we have to return to its deepness to try to reactivate it. The decision of introducing a big volume of youth activities into the earth, that revitalizes and empowers Teruel’s activity, impulses the image which we work in the project. The public space and leisure center project takes a buried Godzilla’s expression: a telluric element of contemporary and pop expression.

The big buried volume pushes the earth surface till it brakes and produces a new urban topography. The visitants will settle this surface that becomes into a public square, and they will go down in between the stratums, being entertained by meeting activities, fun and sports. The new activities and their contemporary manifestation, make evident new ways of urban dialogue, especially in a city where history has taken up such an important space. It is the discovery of new possibilities of expression and in daring appropriation of them, is where we consider that its potential lies.